Saturday, October 25, 2008

State Botanical Gardens of Georgia

Yesterday, I attended a regional Garden Writers meeting in Athens, Georgia. The meeting was held at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia. I'm not sure why we don't have something so fancy. The meeting was really interesting and I learned some new things. We got to tour the garden also, but unfortunately it was a dreary, rainy day. Much of the garden is in transition from summer to fall, but it's going to be beautiful next spring. They added a new flower garden that has a lot of potential. I only got a few pictures in before the camera battery died. I was too lazy to go back to the car to get the extra.

This was the prettiest thing in the garden at the moment. It's a Confederate Rose in the Heirloom Garden. The Heirloom Garden only has plants in it that were popular before 1900. Lots of plantation garden plantings and so on.

They've got a serious deer problem in the garden as well. They've just planted some fall vegetable crops and are covering them to prevent the deer from getting to them.

I liked the way this looked with the flowers cascading down behind the bench.

Felder Rushing was one of the speakers. He's pretty famous in the south as a garden writer. He usually talks and writes about how gardening is really easy and anybody can do it. As an example, he plants a garden in the bed of his truck and drives around with it. He figures if he can garden at 70 mph, then anybody can garden. His truck garden is seasonally decorated at the moment, too.


Northern Shade said...

I like the shots of the garden in the back of the pickup truck.
I love the promotion of the idea that anyone can grow a garden, from starting small, anything can develop, and gardening does not need a lot of costly implements and accessories. It's a connection to the earth, although in this case the earth is elevated above the rubber.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Botanical gardens are the best: they are true treasures of the community. I grew up near on in Maryland called Ladew Gardens.

Kim said...

Ha! I've seen people with seasonal decorations on their cars--wreaths, christmas lights, etc.--but never a seasonal garden! Yet another reason to love Felder! (So does this count as a raised bed?)

S N B said...

We went to that botanical garden a couple of years ago when they had the giant wooden insects on display, as well as the largest pitcher plant collection in the world, and we loved it. We will be going back in February when we take our grown kids to the ceramic Chinese warrior exhibit at the High Museum and hit the Emory exhibit of King Tut the same weekend. We will come home truly cultured!

Darla said...

Love the garden shots and that truck is a hoot!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.