Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remembering My Grandma

My grandma always had a large 4 o'clock at her front door. When I was little, I thought it was the coolest plant because the flower blooms opened after 4 and closed again in the morning. It was also one of the most fragrant plants. I remember it would grow like a weed and we would always be cutting it back.

Recently, a co-worker dug up some of their 4 o'clocks and shared them with the office. I put four by my back porch. They're amazingly hardy and have taken to their spot. And, they've already started blooming! I'm really excited to have these plants. They remind me so much of my grandma.


Ilona said...

I love four-o-clocks! Your post brought back memories for me, too. I tried growing some myself, but they only last a season here, and I had no success wintering them over. Reading your post makes me want to try again.

Emily said...

My four-o-clocks actually freeze back over the winter. They just started popping up again when we got another cold snap. They're pretty hardy, so expect to start seeing them pop up (again) soon.