Thursday, January 31, 2008

Amaryllis Bulbs

macro shot of amaryllis

Before Christmas, Tom and I ordered amaryllis bulbs. We found some great online sales. I planted all of them in containers. Once I get a great showing of flowers, I'll plant the bulbs in the yard as a landscape plant. In most places in the US, amaryllis are container plants. But, in Florida, we can grow them year-round as landscape plants. They just need well-drained soil and light shade. There's a great EDIS document on amaryllis with excellent tips. I think the one pictured here is an Apple Blossom variety.


Wicked Gardener said...

My grandmother from Michgan bought me some amaryllis for Christmas. She refused to believe me when I told her we grow these in the ground. She thought I was crazy.

Emily Eubanks said...

I haven't tried it yet, but several in my office grow them outside. The trick is not too bury them too deep or they won't flower. I've been told you may have to lift them every few years to keep them from sinking to far into the ground.