Monday, February 18, 2008

More Free Plants

Emily's Front Yard

It's so nice working in a horticulture department. We often get free plants. A couple weeks ago, I was walking through the main office building and someone asked me to help move a box. It was full of Easter lilies! A distributor had sent them to the department chair and no one had taken any of the free bulbs. I, of course, took the whole box and shared it with my office mates - Tom, Kim, Sarah, Jen, and Georgia. I still had a bunch left over, so I decided to line a path leading to my front door with them. These are some of the bulbs. They were nice big ones. Apparently, Easter lilies, Lilium longiflorum, like to have their "heads hot and feet cool" meaning that they like to be in the sun but the bulbs like to be covered with mulch or annuals. After calling my mom from the store (she's great with that kind of stuff), I decided on red salvia and Iberis sempervirens 'Purity' or common name, purity candytuft. This is a perennial with small white flowers. I really like it. I also learned that pieces of the easter lily bulbs can be planted and should form new plants. I'm very excited about my new pathway and free plants!

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