Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain

So, we're desperate for rain in Florida, right? Well, I agree with that except when we get 2.5 inches in one night!

Saturday night, it poured and poured and poured. We got up Saturday morning and Will says "mommy, there's a river in our backyard!" Sure enough, he was right. I let Will and Kaity spend an hour or so playing in the puddles.

Because our yard is old pasture, it's pretty compacted and has a lot of clay in the soil. Plus we live on Payne's Prairie, so it's already fairly wet. When we get that much rain at one time, it has nowhere to go. So my yard was a soggy, soggy mess.

Poor John has been trying to finish the fence for Tebow, the garden destroyer, all week. He got up early Saturday morning to finish digging post holes. He couldn't even dig one without it filling in with water immediately. We usually have a water problem with these holes because of the high water table, but this was extreme. He soon gave up digging. We're going to finish the fence tonight.

You can see in the background of this picture that my raised beds are doing okay. I totally recommend these if you leave in a fairly wet area like I do.

So, about 2 days later, it finally dried out some. But, then it rained again last night and we have standing water once again. Yeah for rain, boo for soggy mess. It's also supposed to get to 28 degrees tonight. I guess I should cover my plants.

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