Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I recently ordered caladiums from the DPMSO (doctor of plant medicine student organization). It's their annual fundraiser. My mom and I love caladiums, so we usually order every year. Last year, I think I ordered 50. My mom ordered 300. I think she went a little overboard, but they looked great in the yard and we get a great price. This year, I ordered mostly sunny varieties since my yard is in a conversion stage. My mom ordered another 80. They remembered us, of course. I pick up the bulbs this afternoon and will be putting them in the ground in March.

Here's what I got...

20 Rosebud - Full Sun variety

10 Aaron - Full Sun variety

30 Red Ruffles - Full Sun variety

10 Fannie Munson - Shade variety

10 White Christmas - Shade variety


GardenJoy4Me said...

They are so beautiful they don't look real at times !
That is quite the collection. I wish I could find room for them.
I think they can make it through our summer but not our winter for sure.
Great post !

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I think caladiums are beautiful and I usually try to plant some, but I never think to dig up the bulbs before winter.

I actually planted them last winter under the grow lights so they would be ready to plant early. I don't think I'll do that this year though.

Jen said...

Awesome - I love caladiums - not too hard to keep alive.

So . . . you're a Heisman winner, huh?

Emily Eubanks said...

I picked up the caladium bulbs and they are big! I haven't figured out how to get my mom's to her yet (she lives in Tampa), but we still have time. We're both thinking of planting them in late March, early April. They're so easy and add such wonderful color to the garden.

Meems said...

Emily, Like your mom, I have ordered 500 bulbs from Caladium World. I do this every year. My yard is quite large and I count on them to get me through the summer with color in my gardens. I am happy with the variety and prices at caladium world but now you've got me curious about your resource?
meems @HoeandShovel

Emily said...

Meems - Bates & Sons is the supplier for the student club. I believe they are the largest caladium producer in Florida. Every year, they donate bulbs to the student clubs at a reduced cost as a fundraiser for the students.