Friday, April 4, 2008

Gardening Through Books

As I've been researching secret gardens, I came across a neat article by the National Gardening Association - Planting a Love for Literature. I really like some of the ideas mentioned in this article. I've already used the JMG Literature in the Garden curriculum (which by the way is some of the best curriculum I've seen so far), but that's more on a book by book basis with small activities. I like the idea of reading the Beatrix Potter books and then getting my kids to help in the vegetable garden. Especially since we just got a couple 4-H rabbits. I could see them identifying with the characters in the book also. Peter Rabbit is one of my all time favorite characters and I hope to be able to pass on that love to them.


Blue Fox said...

I've always loved the Beatrix Potter books, and I read them religiously to my two daughters; the elder of them is now carrying on the tradition with her son, Benjamin, or BB, - what a fitting name!

Emily said...

blue fox - I also love the Beatrix Potter books. I really like the name Benjamin, too!