Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Note to my readers: So, I've been really lax. Between shooting for a week, catching up on e-mail, Memorial Day vacation, and the end of the school year, blogging hasn't been a priority. But, a lot has happened in the meantime. I'll try to do better this summer.

Here's the post (which my computer ate) with pictures from the video shoot two weeks ago.

Here we are at the UF Bat House. It's the largest bat house in the southeast containing more than 150,000. We did a segment on making bat houses and bat benefits. I spent most of it under the tree so as not to get pooped on. It only worked partially - guano does not taste or smell very good. But, my kids thought it was hilarious that mommy got pooped on by a bat.

Here, Sam the Soundman is trying to catch the squeaking noises that bats make. He stood there like that for a very long time.

Felder Rushing is giving us a demonstration on some good, ole Southern yard art - inside out tires. Bob, the producer, is getting a close up here. My job during all this was to stay out of the shots.

Dr. Cichra is one of our fisheries experts. He's telling Walter about putting in a tub garden at home. He had so much cool stuff that he inspired me to put in my own pond, but I'm saving that for a later post.

This is a picture of the cool jib (or jig - I can never remember what it's called). George operated it. It allows him to get really wide shots and do a lot of cool angles. But, it's extrememly heavy to move and takes three people to break down.

This kitty kept interrupting our shoot. He/she lives at Kanapaha Gardens and is very friendly. Too friendly for a video shoot when she's rubbing against people's legs while they're on camera.

Walter's dumping in the mosquito fish that Dr. Cichra brought. Mosquito fish are great because they are native, eat mosquitos (hence the name), and are more camoflaged than goldfish.

Another cool picture of the jib and George.

I tried taking some bird pictures while at Kanapaha also. I'm not very patient, but this one of a female cardinal came out okay.

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