Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tree Mayhem

Remember the maples I planted a couple weeks ago? Well, Tebow has taken one out - just like the real Tebow takes out defensive tackles.

Here's the damage. He actually managed to chew the tree into two parts. This is what was left in the ground. In the last week, he's managed to pull this part up also.

The culprit on the right.

This is the rest of the damage. He's chewed up some of the cushions on our patio furniture (granted it was old, but we did sit on it). And, pulled out the pots that were in storage under the porch. My yard is currently a mess!

Last night, as we were eating dinner and watching him play in the back yard, my sister realized that he was playing with a green plum tomato! From my garden! As we were watching, he swallowed it and then went and retrieved another one of off a plant.

This morning, Kaity's eating breakfast and screaming that there's a squash in the yard. Sure enough, he'd gotten a rather large squash off of a vine and it was laying in the yard as a chew toy. He has plenty of his own chew toys (mostly bones), but those won't do.

As we're leaving this morning, I realized he's got one of Kaity's sandals! It was the sandal from last summer, but she could still wear them and often would to the sandbox in the back yard. I guess she left them out there last time and he's eaten them into little, pink pieces. I told her she could pretend that her jellies were sandals (which they really are, but not to her).

Everyone keeps telling me this phase will pass. He's such a good dog, but, boy, is he destructive!


AlliJean said...

He chewed the tree in HALF? That is truly amazing. I REALLY hope that when i get my dog s/he doesn't do this. I can't afford to pay for that kind of damage!

Vicki in Flux said...

So sorry about your tree...but I am glad to know that my dogs are not the only ones...

Floridacracker said...

I can SO relate to this right now with 2 Lab puppies in the house.
This morning I've rescued a bra, a highschool yearbook, a sock, and the tv remote from canine carnage.
This will pass, we must be strong.

Mine are even picking the lowest blueberries off the bushes!

I'm going to the Archer road Petsmart for obedience lessons ... for the dog of course.

Emily said...

Well, Tebow didn't tear the place up while I was gone AND I've been able to teach him to kinda sit (sorta kinda). No more tree deaths currently, but the next big garden project will be a fence for the veggies.

FC - we should be going to the Archer Rd PetSmart for dog lessons also soon. The head trainer there also has a lab puppy, so she's pretty familiar with their antics.