Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mammalian Lawnmowers (aka Goats)

So, we did it. We got some goats. Three to be precise. They're Spanish meat goats about six months old. Two does and a buck. Two of them were bottle fed as babies, so they're pretty gentle. They're going to be great for my little kids and for my urban 4-H kids.

The best thing about the goats is that they prefer to eat briars and weeds over feed. That makes them very cheap to feed.

These are the little girls. You can't tell from the picture, but the one in front is black with a white face. They're both very pretty.

This is the little boy. He came with the name "Cinder." His twin sister was "Ella." Get it? Cinderalla? We'll probably change his name. He was bottle fed and quite the baby. And, he really took to Will. He's following him all around. And, he's quite noisy wanting some more attention.

Here he is again. He's a very nice looking tri-colored goat.

Here's the other little girl. She was a single birth, so she's quite a bit bigger than the other two. She was also bottle fed, but is very smart, so she doesn't come up quite as much. She's very good looking.

All of them need names, so I'm taking suggestions. Will wants to name one "Sticky" because they like to eat sticks. If someone comes up with something better, that wouldn't bother me at all.


AlliJean said...

YAY! Goats! What do the dogs think of them? I think I might have to bring Ruby over to see how she does with livestock. I will start thinking of names - I have a lot of suggestions from trying to name Ruby.

Emily said...

The dogs aren't too sure, but the invisible fence is between them and the goats. Tebow wants to bark at them, but Max knows better.

sarah said...

Aw, they're so cute! You can name one Jorts in homage to John. Haha.