Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Water Pond - mostly completed

When we first got married, John bought a small water pond for me. We put it into the house we were renting at the time and then when we moved, it came with us. We've hauled it all over the place, but I think it's finally found a permanent home. I spent a Saturday morning a couple weeks ago digging out a spot for it. John didn't think I could do it, but I got it mostly in by myself. He came out and helped even it out and get it fitted in correctly. It's doing great, but we've got to finish the landscaping around it. Just haven't had time.

Here it is mostly in place (before John came to help me).

It looks great. I got some free plants from work and planted some vincas,impatiens, and begonias. I'm going to put some cannas in the back after I go dig the volunteers up from my father-in-laws yard. We also hit a sale of pond plants at Lowes and that's what in there. They all need to be repotted and I need some blocks to space them out around the pond, but for now, they're in the water and crowded on the shelf. I also put some mosquito fish in that I'd gotten from Dr. Cichra during the video shoots. And, yes, it needs to be mowed around it. I plan to put mulch down and some nice rocks or something to hide the edges of the pond. The 2x4s are holding up the dirt in back until we got some nice bricks to replace them.

I guess the plants are pretty happy - the water lily bloomed a few days later!

The pond's been a great way to provide a little water for wildlife in the area. I've particularly seen a lot of butterflies over here. Tebow has also taken a dip or two in there. And, with the mosquito fish, there are no mosquito larvae!


Jen said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Nice work.

Emily said...

Thanks! Now, if I could get the grass down around it. It looks pretty Wacahoota right now.