Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday morning, one of our great faculty here at UF, Jamie Ellis, was featured on Good Morning America. Dr. Ellis is our bee expert and has recently been putting together a bee college for those interested in having home apiaries. He's also an expert on colony collapse disorder and has been educating on Africanized bees for sometime.

I've always known bees are important ecologically. I grew up on an orange grove and we often had apiarists with hives in our groves. But, until recently, I didn't realize the impact NOT having pollinators could have. I was hand pollinating my squash plants for awhile because of the lack of pollinators around. Imagine having to do this in a 1,000 acre squash field. Wow, we may not have any squash or any other vegetables for that matter. And, I love squash.

UF Genetics has also featured Dr. Ellis with Honey Bees lesson plans and videos. I like these videos because they're short and easy to understand and really bring about the importance of honey bees.

Video: I Heart Honeybees

Video: Show Me the Honey

Video: Where are the Bees?

Video: Bee Love

Video: Honey, I'm Home

Video: African Honey Bees, Public Enemy #1


Allison said...

thanks for using our materials! we appreciate it :-) I know everyone is really excited to be working with you also. From the results of my survey I think your materials will be a big hit!

Emily said...

I'm really excited to. I like the videos and I can't wait to do some gardening ones.