Friday, March 14, 2008

tadpoles, 5 year olds, and Friday mornings

Last night, Will was so excited about something outside. I was in the middle of putting groceries away, so I couldn't go see. He finally got Uncle Scot outside to look. Apparently, the pond outside was full of tadpoles. Will had the "perfect" bucket to collect them in, so they spent the next hour collecting tadpoles.

This morning, we're rushing around to get out the door by 8:45 (I overslept and Will has to be at school by 9) and the bucket of tadpoles is on the porch. Of course, being the good mom I am, last night I had told him he could take some to pre-K for show and tell. So, I hurried to find a jar, wax paper, and the fish net thingy. I spent the next 10 minutes scooping tadpoles, poking holes in the wax paper and making sure Will didn't spill any water. Kaity, of course, threw a huge tantrum that she wasn't getting to take any to school.

The tadpoles finally made it to school (without spilling any yucky pond water in the truck!) and Ms. Jann loved them. I doubt they'll survive, but it'll be interesting for the kids to see. Will was all into showing them off for his friends. And, we were only 10 minutes late!

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