Monday, March 10, 2008

Vegetable Gardening Makes Cents!

David Holmes, the county extension director for Marion County, wrote a great article this weekend in the Ocala newspaper about vegetable gardens. He discusses the benefits of growing your own food - nutritionally and financially.

I know I find this true in my garden. I haven't had to buy lettuce in weeks and I get the added benefit of giving some of the vegetables away to friends.

I cut six heads of lettuce last night. I brought several bags into work for the girls here and I'm taking some to John's aunt and uncle. I still have six or seven heads left that didn't need to be cut this weekend. Lettuce seems to be one of the vegetables I can grow really, really well!

Read David's article.

On a side note, we received 5.5 inches of rain Friday - the entire yard is under water. Will waded through a wet spot to get to Nana and Papa's house and the water was almost to his waist. Tebow, of course, loved it.

Later this week, we're having a memorial service for the blueberry bush my husband mowed over.


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