Monday, March 31, 2008

Guy vs. Girl Gardening Contest

John has challenged me to a vegetable gardening contest. We have two raised beds and we're each going to take one of the beds. John decided that Tom should be the impartial judge. At the feed and seed today (before I knew about John's challenge), I bought three trays of tomatoes and peppers, so we're splitting those. And, we're starting some stuff in seed trays. We'll split those also. I told him he had to help me clean up my bed and get it ready. He planted his tonight. Or at least the starter plants that I brought home. My bed still has lettuce growing in it, so I wanted to wait to harvest that before planting mine. I won't be at work tomorrow, so the harvesting will have to wait till Wednesday. I probably won't get to my bed till this weekend, so John will be a week ahead of me. Tom would say this is a good thing because then we've staggered planting dates. (Apparently, I'm not supposed to plant everything at once so that you have vegetables all season instead of all at once.) The loser has to take the winner out on a child-free date. It should be a fun gardening season! Now, if only Tebow would stay off of my bed, I might be the winner.

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